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Keto Course brings you all the latest videos and updates from the Keto worls & from all the best Keto experts. we’re going to one of my old stomping grounds El Pollo Loco yep if you follow my channel you know that I was close to 300 pounds at one point in my life and fast food was a big part of my life now apoyo Loco was always just for me I would usually just get a bowl of a bunch of rice beans and chicken so nothing crazy but they announced that they have this new keto taco and I’m not going there to get it because I want to eat it I’m going there to rip it apart let’s address the elephant in the room it’s not even a low carb tortilla it’s a wheat tortilla quite literally to see what’s in it to see if it’s something that is truly applicable within a ketogenic diet in a healthy way now full disclaimer come on it’s fast food it’s not gonna be something you want to eat all the time it’s not gonna be perfect but we got to figure things out and right now we’re trying to figure out okay well different fast food chains are coming out with keto options what is a true keto option do they actually know what they’re talking about when they’re marketing towards a keto crowd or is it something that’s just a slight twist of the ingredients or worse a twist of words on the menu item to make it seem keto so we’re gonna check out the keto taco but I’ve already done a little bit of my homework and I’m gonna grab a couple alternatives for you as well and we’ll have some fun let’s do this for those of you that are out there that like cereal and still want to be able to have cereal please do check out magic spoon okay they’re a new supporter of this channel but they’re a product that I’ve known for a while these guys are super super super cool maybe you’ve seen them floating around I just want to throw it out there that they are the bomb when it comes down to a low carb high protein cereal these guys absolutely no sugar they’re utilizing like a whey protein blend to actually make a protein cereal and you’re gonna get a really good deal on this stuff by using the link that’s down below so I just want to give them a big shout out because it’s totally relevant when I’m talking about breakfast they’ve got chocolate they’ve got like a fruity flavor they’ve got a blueberry flavor they’ve got a frosted flavor you have to check them out you’ve probably seen him on Joe Rogan’s podcast all these guys that are reputable within the health industry talk about them so just because it’s bright colored and it looks fun doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy it’s definitely a good way to be able to swap out your breakfast so highly highly highly do legitimately recommend that you try these guys at least give them a shot so the links down below in the description you can check it out after you watch this video and thank you magic spoon for making this channel possible and for helping out so many people with their health we’re playing it safe – its we’re still the middle of quarantine at the time of filming so we don’t want to go in chicken lists poyo Street John that’s interesting yeah the world’s first keto Street taco I don’t know if it’s the world’s first and pretty sure we’ve made it a few times yes can I get one of the keto tacos please the keto taco yes please and then I will also do a place and then we’ll also go ahead and do a and that should do it okay thank you so much not actually very cheap to be clearly honest I’m just noticing now and I look at the besides though they actually have broccoli as a side that’s pretty darn cool actually what I’ve gotten that I wonder if you know what normally I would do is actually I probably get that broccoli add it to a bowl anyway I know just one kiddo talking yeah okay actually they thought that I was getting three tacos I was just getting one I guess Kito three kind of sounds hard to say three kiddo doctors one cuticle pudding is let me take this back to the studio we talked about a little bit more I’ll explain some of the science of it but you know put a logo at the end of the day like you can get some pretty clean options you just got to be careful just like any fast food place got to be careful with msg and things like that but you know the end of the day what are you after like it’s a stopgap it’s not a staple right they do have MSG in their chicken which is a bit of a bummer but or it’s a they have hydroxylated yeast extract cool thank you now it’s pretty new yeah well right before everything I’d say like a month yeah so my big one that I used to go to all the time was well mainly jack-in-the-box I was just a sucker for the Jackman box tacos which that meat is barely even meat it was either McDonald’s like I used to get quarter pounders from here and I used to drive across town and I would hang out across town where no one would supposedly recognize me and I eat my burgers and the funny thing is is at that point in time I didn’t really think that I didn’t know what you doing okay subconsciously I didn’t really subconsciously I knew that it was unhealthy and I was sad but it was like my natural like biological drive to just like be away from people when I was doing that like led me to believe that or it’s hard to say but I didn’t really feel depressed at the time but when I looked back at how everything was I was definitely definitely depressed it’s so weird how life can work like that you don’t realize that you’re not taking pleasure and the things that you used to until you look back and then you have a contrast the point is is like I would just go to the other side of town I’d eat the fast food and then like not think anything of it but now in retrospect in like wow I was absolutely hiding I was I would throw the trash somewhere else so that you’ve no one would see any and it’s not like you couldn’t look at me and couldn’t tell that I was eating that stuff okay so anyhow it is always an interesting trip down memory lane and someone asked me recently if I ever have sort of the old demons that come back from that absolutely yeah I am human and yes I have the cravings to hit the drive-through there’s nothing that totally changes that and even though I live a super healthy lifestyle now it is a constant battle and quite frankly that is why I’m here to help motivate those who can’t really deal with that battle so let’s take this back to the studio let’s talk about the ingredients let’s get a little bit nerdy on it and give you some solutions so you can still pick something in the drive-through by the way before I dive into the science and all this stuff if there’s a specific fast-food item or if a specific fast-food restaurant or even a chain that you want me to do reviews on please put them down in the comment section below that way I can review a little bit later usually I’d ask this at the end of the video but I also know that people click off the video before it’s over so I’m asking towards the beginning after you watch just let me know what you want me to review I’m happy to do it Celsus a rat so I’ve got the two other items that I’m gonna share with you after we break down this keto taco there’s two things that I would recommend getting instead really three but I haven’t picked up to see all right let’s take a look at this guy so I pulled up the ingredients on this it gets kind of interesting first things first let’s address the elephant in the room this is still a wheat tortilla what frustrated me about this whole thing is it’s not even a low carb tortilla okay it’s a wheat tortilla which I’m going to talk about in a second it’s still wheat flour it’s still a regular flour tortilla okay what they’ve done is they’ve added a bit of fiber to it they’ve basically added fiber into the mix to try to cancel it out so basically they’ve taken something that’s already high carb added some fiber into it to try to get the you know lower net carb ratio not the smartest way to try to get I don’t know a keto product into the market because anyone that’s really going to look at the total carb content is going to be a little bit deterred this carb content is still between 15 and 20 grams of carbs obviously that’s a lot for a ketogenic diet now one thing I really need to break down here is the number of glyphosate that are going to be in this okay it’s one thing to have a little bit of carbohydrates in a shell it’s another thing entirely to have a bunch of gluten here’s the thing the main reason that you should be following a ketogenic diet outside of of course body composition but still kind of lies in with it is going to be the modulation of inflammation so hear me out very very carefully on this there are fast food items that you can get that can still work within the realm of a keto diet and still help keep inflammation at bay gluten is not one of them okay if you are doing keto stay away from even the smallest amount of gluten the glyphosate SAR inflammatory but when it gets digested generates or it triggers the release of a protein called Zhaan Yulin this triggers this terrible situation in your gut where basically the epithelial cells end up getting a little bit weaker and the gaps between them cause larger food particles to get into your bloodstream these also allow what are called lipopolysaccharides to leak into the bloodstream what this simply means and especially right now in this time when I’m filming this video your immune system gets compromised because it is focused on working against the lipopolysaccharides I got leaked into the bloodstream your inflammatory cytokines go up the long story short is this is an inflammatory nightmare I don’t like this there were a lot of different ways I wish they would have just it would have been better off literally just doing a small corn tortilla literally a corn tortilla would have been better than this but they kind of lie and it’s frustrating because I really don’t mind I’ll boil oka okay then they could take a cheese here normally the nice thing about co-ceo cheese is that it is aged for like 12 months plus true Mexican cheese like that right turns out in this particular setting they add some enzymes to it to speed up the process so the cheese isn’t the best cheese in the world but it’s not as bad to say the gluten right chicken their chicken is not bad their chicken is pretty darn clean in the world of fast food to be completely honest it is actually 100% chicken which is a plus so if you were to take this and you were to just take it off the tortilla you’d actually have something that’s not too bad but keep listening because I got a little bit more to share with you they do use a concentrated yeast extract in the chicken what that means is that they have basically msg one thing to note not all fast food places use msg believe it or not people automatically assume that fast food is going to have msg so you really have to do your due diligence and like kind of research yourself a little bit before because it’s not always going to be in a fast food menu item the yeast extract what it does is it’s an excitotoxin and what scares me most about exciti toxins is that they’re trying to mask something what it means is it triggers your brain to think something tastes better okay if something is properly seasoned and properly cooked then we don’t really need that right but if you add yeast extract or msg you’re tricking the brain and exciting the brain is there a downstream chemical effect in the brain there might possibly it’s kind of inconclusive the point is is what are they hiding now what I will say is it’s using a lean chicken okay I always recommend with El Pollo Loco to go for the leaner chicken repeat go for the leaner chicken and it’s easy on a keto diet to think that you want to have the high fat stuff not with chicken chicken fat is a a poor fatty acid profile but B it’s going to be where the toxins in the soy and a lot of the glyphosate that come in from what they ate are stored now glyphosate SAR going to be in Grain that’s gonna be the roundup that’s in a lot of grain right well it leeches in to grain fed animals but also worst of all is the soy issue so I’m not actually poking a hole in this I’m actually touting that this is actually good they’re using the lean chicken so the chicken fat itself is actually minimal they’re getting the fat from the other stuff from the cheese and then of course the Pico is gonna be fine I like that they use a little bit of lettuce or they don’t use cabbage on this one they just use the lettuce but then we’ve got the cilantro sauce that’s the very unfortunate thing I would recommend that you have them use a different sauce okay I would recommend literally just adding extra salsa to that hold the cilantro ranch and add just some extra salsa the reason I say that is because this is pure soybean oil ok soybean oil is going to be a big problem in the way of the ketogenic diet soybean oil a is very very very inflammatory but also it counteracts a lot of the good that you’re doing with your fats is a very unstable fat which means the level of lipid peroxidation that occurs is very high and that simply means that the fats essentially go rancid in your body so case in point with this probably a no-go that you could do it without the flour right without the tortilla and instead of the sauce use some salsa I’m okay with the cheese it’s not the end of the world it’s just not real cool to hit cheese okay now let me show you what I would recommend getting by the way this was thirty dollars and nine cents so not terrible okay not another terrible price okay this next one that I’ve got is a double chicken bowl but I got this instead of with rice and beans I just got it with cabbage so here’s what’s cool we still have a lean chicken we still have the Pico instead of lettuce we have cabbage which is actually perfect okay cabbage is going to be a much higher probiotic content than shredded lettuce so at least we actually get a nutrient effect here we get an anti or excuse me a microbiome effect we get a probiotic effect also it’s a cruciferous vegetable which means we have an estrogen modulating effect then what I would typically do with this guy is of course to add some salsa to it just to give it a little bit of body since it doesn’t have the juices from the rice and beans but this is literally just a double chicken bowl and in the sour cream really isn’t too too bad sure you have dairy but at least with sour cream it’s not like other forms of dairy that aren’t gonna have a cultured affect sour cream is essentially glorified yogurt so this one was this was 779 which quite frankly is a little bit expensive it’s almost like you’d be better well you get a good amount of chicken but for 3 bucks it’s almost like you better better off to get this and just get it off of the tortilla and then the other one that you can get what I actually messed up on ordering this so this is a very very good way to describe what can happen okay so it had corn in it and I didn’t realize this so this was the avocado Bowl which already comes with a good amount of chicken but it’s supposed to have a little bit more avocado than the double chicken Bowl okay so it doesn’t look like they gave me the more avocado but oh well still has the cabbage it’s very very similar to this one except it has some other potential options like the corn corn is not going to be keto friendly corn will trick you because it’s a vegetable and you think it’s good to go but it’s actually not it’s a very very very high in carbohydrates obviously corn flour you know anything corn starch so I would get rid of those guys and just have it like this but realistically they’re ultimately the same thing you’re gonna go with the double chicken if you want a higher protein lower fat ratio slightly lower calories you’re gonna go with this one if you’re okay with having a little bit more calories because more of the fats and a little bit less protein so in essence double chicken bowl if you’re someone that works out a lot avocado Bowl if you’re someone that’s just doing the ketogenic diet just to lose weight or have a good overall healthy lifestyle if you want me to do more of these breakdowns let me know in the comment section below but oh one thing before I wrap up I have to actually address something that’s very very important without boil loco you can get just their regular chicken but if you get their regular chicken do not eat the skin and I know that can be the tastiest part of it but it will save you a ton of calories and it will save you a ton of headache in terms of most of the yeast extracts / msg that’s gonna be soaking in the skin will it leak into this the breast into the meat yes it will but you want to go for the leaner cuts so go ahead and get a whole chicken or half chicken and just rip the skin off and go a little bit leaner that way one thing I really do appreciate about El Pollo Loco is they have a strong stance against using trans fats they will not use any trans fats or any hydrogenated fats that is a very very big thing because if you look at most fast-food restaurants you’re going to have a good degree of trans fats it’s what makes them very bad very hard for the body to break down and contributes to of course inflammation takes 51 days to break down half of what’s called the CIS bond of trans fats so no trans fats so we actually have a general health a little bit better here if you want me to review more items please do let me know in the comment section below and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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