However, my leather sectional is still a complete mess due to all of the scratches caused by her back claws, as she runs and walks all over it. Hey Catherine, either doesn’t have cats or they are declawed or works for a leather upholstery company. They started in on that one. This will be perfect since they have one cat and a dog as well. The AmazonBasics cat tree that’s currently in my bedroom, and the Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree that’s in my office. Let me know. I’ll get more into how you can minimize furniture scratching later in case this is something you’re interested in trying to tackle. Coincidentally, I just found two stray male kittens and am currently taking care of them. Velvet doesn’t work great! I’m a semi-new cat owner, we’ve had our kitten Ludo since he was a few months old (now he is almost a year old!) Please anybody with tips for Ginger, chime in! Leather is probably the best overall material to grab a sofa in if you’ve got a cat who scratches, spills, and produces a lot of furry tumbleweed (as all cats with hair do, even the short hair kinds like my Avery; let’s be frank, they’re basically fur-making machines!). Ann Catanzaro cat fantasy story gift books, How to Catify Your Home to Welcome a New Cat, Kittens in Your Future? no luck. Not every cat is like this, though some definitely are. Welcome to KittyClysm - a blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers. Because your cat will see those little loops or nubby threads and think, "cat toy!" If you’re in the market for new upholstered furniture you’re in luck, because velvet is definitely having a trendy moment in the spotlight. You can purchase deterrent sprays at most pet stores. If they scratch it there are pitt holes left and scratch marks tear the leather. Microfiber isn’t the greatest at repelling fur, being easy to clean, or being less desirable for cats to want to claw up in comparison to the other options on this list. The potential downsides to leather besides not holding up the best to scratches? Oh I read your comment and just had to say you are on point. But it’s been a huge adjustment & our couch has been ruined in the process, We really did try to get him to stop scratching on it but he is very stubborn. Re: Cat proof upholstery recommendations? Don’t get leather. My husband and I bought a microfiber couch, and the cats show no interest in it. They rarely do it. I’m not 100% sure why, they just don’t. Your friend needs to put one or two scratching posts around they don’t cost much $20 each put one in each room kitty loves to play and sleep a lot of cats like to stretch out with their claws upon waking up I have 4 cats I have a large cat tree and a post , in my sons room where they also like to go he has a small cat tree and a post. Finally went to leather, Foster’s claw marks still there. Worked for us! I’m considering putting luxury outdoor furniture in my family room. I got the couch. I was thinking of a white canvas material but not sure how it washes and dries. We vacuum constantly but it never ends!! If you do manage to succeed, at that point you have a lot less to worry about, and two solid top picks for material choice, but more on that in a bit. If you dont have to have the chair look nice it could be a good option – Ian Aug 22 '16 at 22:22 Your email address will not be published. Often being used by multiple cats at once. Lots of reason to choose between one of these two options, but if you’re only fixated on kicking the couch shredding via cat scratches, you’re going to want to choose option #3. What is Your Cat Saying? I have spent good money on scratching posts,toys, and scratching boards. I bought a large fluffy blanket at Sam’s club kinda looks matted looks like sheep wool but they love it to sleep on beside the carpet and mostly their cat tree. I have to replace them and they are less than 6 months old. Ones that hold up to scratches best? Mine is all around fully leather my cats have never even tried and I’ve had them sense babies and has claws it may not be kitties fault. “The best fabrics are ultrasuede and leather, because a cat cannot claw into these,” Ha! BEST PICK: Burrow Nomad Fabric Couch. Our once very feral cat only comes out to socialize at night when we are sitting watching TV. They maybe work in the leather upholstery field or really don’t have a clue. Each and every cat is different – and the struggles you’re likely to face day to day will reflect that – so it’s important for you to figure out which benefits you prefer to reap from the material choice you’re going to make. 😂. I’ve only ever had one cat (thus far!) They’ve certainly used claws on it to climb up the cushions of the couch etc. Though honestly he may go looking for them! My cats destroyed my expensive new leather chair. I was concerned the cats would use it as a scratching post. My adopted declawed cat destroyed my (VERY expensive) leather chesterfield… with his BACK claws. The sofas are so embarrassing I don’t have people over much. Most companies put the leather in the areas that humans touch and use the leatherette on the rest. relevant to cats scratching leather sofas, it’s here, Outdoor Shelters for Multiple Cats: From Basic to Heated Pet Houses, “Why Does My Cat Nibble on Me?” 11 Theories That May Explain Why, Uncommon Opinion? Please get your outdoor male cat neutered! I also sit by and gently pet kitty while he/she eats at the cat bowl. There is one I purchased at chewy that is about three and a half feet tall with rope wrapped around it from the base to the top. My new microfibre chair is getting scratched by my two Turkish Angora cats. That wasn’t a typo. One website says avoid leather because cats claw into it and it shows punctures that turn into holes that becomes tears and If you would like to learn more about Burrow’s furniture — which includes chairs, sofas, loveseats, ... We Tried It: Unleashing a Cat on Burrow's Scratch-Resistant Furniture. My leather sofa has never been touched All of the cat claw protectors aim for the arms or the back corners of furniture. This is by far the best anti-scratch material and sofa looks good too. They’re made of velour, which is a mass produced, cheaper to create alternative to velvet. It does attract hair though. Unfortunately, the best materials for withstanding cat scratches are not the same materials that will do best at withstanding washroom or sensitive stomach related accidents that may take place. I am also wondering about the Sunbrella fabric. I tried training with a spray bottle and loud rattle sound when I caught them scratching, but I don’t think I caught them enough to deter them. Cats make wonderful companions, especially if you understand and appreciate their complex personalities and fiercely independent nature. Good luck, and so glad your leather lazy boy couch held up! All rights reserved. I use high gates for the living room to keep them out and away from non leather couch and chairs. With a robust aluminum frame, padded plastic seat and backrest, detachable bucket and seat, and four waterproof castors with rear brakes, our accessibility chairs are designed to improve quality of life for people with mobility limitations. We’ve had a good quality leather couch in our living room for 15 years and our cats have never used it for scratching. I looked at this thread before I got a couch and had some grave (possibly irrational) concerns with my cats causing severe couch damage. I have 100% leather couch, meaning everywhere and it does have some scratches, but since its “leather” the color is thru and not that noticeable. I’m trying to replace a sofa set, you say microfiber is better than chanelle? October 10, 2018 by Elise Xavier | Updated: November 14, 2020 - 47 Comments. Provide an alternative for your cat, such as a scratching post, to satisfy your cat… One you’ve been using that you think does what you need it to do flawlessly? The kitties never tried to scratch it, probably because it is too smooth and taut to register as something worthy of sinking their claws into. I am thinking about buying some resin furniture because I’m not certain she will scratch that. The higher quality the microfiber, the better it should hold up to scratches, but unfortunately, my guess is it won’t be very easy to tell which microfibers are better than others (I know I can’t tell!). Lucky Us! its a combo of sisle and carpet. My cats have destroyed my leather furniture. Just fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! Even leather chairs can benefit from protection, as claws can leave permanent scars in leather. Cats don’t scratch leather?????? I have six different tall well made posts throughout the house but they prefer the cheap corrugated cardboard scratch toys. You should see my shredded leather sofa, loveseat, and chair! In addition, it does not provide an attractive place for a cat … Architectural Digest advises cat parents to stick with fabrics that are "tightly woven" and to avoid "loose-weave or looped upholstery," such as linen and wool. I know that if they start to get a little scratch crazy, I let them outside and when they come back, they are fine again. It’s also difficult to remove pet hair from these types of textured fabrics. Again, while there’s no perfectly cat proof couch, there’s a lot you can do to minimize the amount of wear and tear you’ll get from a healthy dose of whiskered shenanigans over the years. One had a nubby fabric covering, the other had chenille. They’d have to continuously climb with the claws for years to see any results. Do you prefer to have materials that are fur repellent? Centre binding is heat-sealed which makes it tear proof… It’s just like leather when it comes to repelling cat fur – plain doesn’t hold on to the fluffy stuff. But so long as you’re willing to put the effort in, and work around its limitations, leather is an amazingly resilient material for cat owners. My microfiber has held up very well (I do remember this was quality furniture some 10+ years ago). yongjoy Cat Furniture Protector (Set of 4), Clear Self-Adhesive Pet Scratch Guard for Furniture,Sofa,Upholstery, Wall, Mattress, Car Seat, Door Protector Pad - (20" L x 8" W) 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,113 $13.99 $ 13 . I think if they weren’t outdoor cats, they would probably start to go stir crazy after a few days/week and scratch everything in sight. Worth it? Leather & vinyl is very unforgiving. They very well may end up neutered, but not by me. Eventually kitty will start to be about the house more, and I sit by where kitty hides with some kitty treats and wait for the cat to come out to me. Your email address will not be published. Two of them scratched my leather sofa and one did not. I highly recommend people let their cats outside as much as possible to mitigate the damage caused to furniture. I have two now, and I’m getting used to closing the door on the new “regular” fabric couch we just bought, so I can monitor the cats’ use of it. And it stained badly. Cats are also clever about finding alternatives to scratching posts. She destroyed my ottoman with pin pricks all over the thing! By the way I have seven cats. The fabric Amana was referring to is Luke. I asked several furniture experts and got lots of ideas. That way they’re easy to take off to wash whenever they get dirty. The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. However, we have a velvet headboard and bed base, and for some reason although she tried clawing it when it was new, not only did I discover that claw marks did not show, she also lost interest in trying! What do you think comes the closest? Cushion covers un -zip and wash like a dream.. My Cat does not scratch the sofa but her little claws have made a few small pulls,, but not bad for a 700,00 sofa over 10 years old now.. She did however love my pleather computer chair,,, did not hold up well 🙂 Personally i will always opt for the microfibre. We ask furniture professionals to pick fabrics and furniture that cats won't scratch. Not every piece of advice will work in every situation. Are you serious? I also have two expensive leather electric recliners that over the last six months have been slowly scratched upon by the cats. Microfibre is okay and they won’t destroy it as much but microfibre furniture looks cheap to me. I’ve written up a guide with as much info as I could think up relevant to cats scratching leather sofas, it’s here. The furniture came before the cats, so I didn’t choose based on having pets. Leather is probably the best overall material to grab a sofa in if you’ve got a cat who scratches, spills, and produces a lot of furry tumbleweed (as all cats with hair do, even the short hair kinds like my Avery; let’s be … © 2019 Belvoir Media Group. I have little bits of leather pieces all over the house because it ends up on the floor and getting tracked around. Don’t know about faux leather – my sense it would be better, I was also wondering about a very tight woven material as mentioned above. No holes. Choosing a sofa with wood framing will significantly decrease the likelihood of scratching. I think I’m going to stick to velvet fabrics at this point, as luckily the “accidents” in this household aren’t as frequent in number as I they were last month with the new fur baby (finally resolved the vomiting thankfully! They are very large so I had to buy several cal king sized sheets to cover them. I had a friend who was going crazy with her cat destroying her LEATHER furniture…….because his nails were putting pinprick HOLES EVERYWHERE in the LEATHER… maybe it ISN’t the BEST choice……I TOLD HER I would STOP being her friend if she mutilated her cat’s paws because of HER LEATHER couch!!! I’m not trying to say that microfiber is 100% cat-resistant, but it’s pretty close and by far the best material to last the test of time with cats. See more of this duo on my personal blog, E&T. He sprayed once inside the main part of the house (fortunately on a wood surface) and that was the last time he was allowed anywhere near the couch. Very effective in keeping them off the furniture. From what I got from reading all the comments – leather bad. Cat Scratch Resistant Upholstery Fabric If you are living with pet cats, one of the concerns you might have in keeping your home looking good is their scratching behavior. It sounds to me like you ended up with cats that like to scratch leather. It is a good idea to get various types of scratching posts that the cat can fully stretch out it’s body on. This is essentially a large swatch of double-sided tape that you can place over the corners that your kitty likes to scratch. So many cats! Your email address will not be published. Most of my wood door facings in the house have felt the attentions of the cats’ claws, as well ; ). I agree. Hi, I'm Elise! Besides that? (Pink chair image credit: The Pink House.) Catherine Holm It’s only for mercy. Cat only care for scratching up specific parts of the couch? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; learn more here. I can’t put tape all over them! Again, apply to a small area first to make sure the spray doesn’t harm the fabric. The fabric is Luke a very tight chord… not velvet finish, more like a tight cotton. Well he’s great, but this furniture thing is a hard one to take. Hi Amanda, I too, would LOVE to know what you used for fabric? Here’s my experience. We had a chenille couch and our cats shredded the ends down to the wooden frame underneath the upholstery and batting. And- it looks great! Why didn’t you tell us the name of the company? I wish I kept the furniture covered with sheets or foil, like I had for awhile, but my husband didn’t like it, so I gave in, and removed the covers. I have leather couches and a microfiber recliner. I haven’t checked into it yet, but will do so soon. I have had it for four years. It’s been a horrible fight keeping my cats from destroying my sofas. Please let me know if you have any firsthand experience with velvet + cat claws in the comments down below, and how you feel it does on the scratch-resistance scale. The ideal is to have a scratching post, scratch pad, or cat tree in every room your cat frequents. Do you know what kind of leather your cats tore up, as there are so many types and grades of leather out there? Also just an FYI when they were kittens they like electric cords we took a small amount of Vick’s vapo rub on our fingers and slid our fingers down the cord they did not like the smell and never again played or chewed on the cords good thing to do so they don’t get an electrical shock. It is slightly textured. I only adopt strays/pound cats too. Would like a new couch but don’t know what other options are best to replace it with for 4 cats in the house. ), and I think velvet is probably still the best for potential scratching. Same conflicting reviews from “experts”. Get Leather! Once in a while they get defiant and go for sofa. This article should just be removed, it is completely inaccurate. ???? If you absolutely want a fabric couch and either don’t want velvet or can’t seem to find one made of velvet that’s in a size or style you want, opt for a microfiber couch for an option that will hold up well to scratches. No more cat urine on your sofa. go figure. Join me & my furries in our little corner of the feline-obsessed world. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable. We also had an open weave material lounge and that was attacked also. I replaced with a tighter woven cotton fabric. Sorry but know the fabric type my current loveseat is made from. May 8th 2019. Another benefit? It is TERRIBLE! Of the many types, if you go the couch protector cover route, you’re sure to find at least one that will do the trick for you no matter how picky you are aesthetically. I get my new sofa in about a week, it looks new (came from a house with no kids or pets or smoke) and I am hopeful that it will hold up much better and if it doesn’t? Cardboard Cat Scratchers: One Gift a Cat Will like More Than the Box! Absolutely not!! I do think that tall scratching posts are the answer or lounge covers. already. I’m beginning to think that a tweed type material might be better. The cats were for my daughter, and while I love them, they are more destructive than I expected. Stay informed! Shaggy and jute rugs are the “perfect playground for cats to trim their nails on and have fun, so stick with thinner rugs with less hair.”. 99 Thank You SO much for standing up to your friend for that cats sake!! I think they might have a similar non leather fabric now. Hi there. Leather is excellent at not holding on to fur, is really easy to clean, and is not too shabby when it comes to cat scratches either. my cats have scratched my leather sofa set along with my rugs. My mum’s cat Walker used to do it all the time, actually only stopped when he bit off all the threads on the ends. “While most prefer something they can shred, there are cats that prefer wood,” Juneja said, and recessed legs are not accessible because they are hidden and smaller. However, while we all love our pets like they're one of the family, a regular point of concern for owners is how our furry friends will coexist with our favourite furniture. I also have cat furniture in EVERY room, and they all use it. While some cats may not scratch the leather, they will definitely leave puncture holes from simply running around on the furniture. no point spraying water on them because they luv the shower. My favourites in terms of what I own? Want to protect your sofa from the get go or even make old, scratched up furniture look like new? My cat has destroyed a leather chair, a chenille covered loveseat and a pleather ottoman. Rather than banish kids from the living room or reprimand Fido for curling up in a sofa corner, consider all of the sensible, yet stylish choices designed for busy households like yours. These leather and metal chairs along with a metal coffee table work well for the client who owns a cat. He pointed out that the “absolute worst materials for furniture” include chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk and tweed. Make them comfortable add favorite small blankets also looks like sheep fur got them at petco and the posts you should have no more issues if they have several post to scratch they won’t need your sofa good luck. The cushions have barely been set on because they over took it sleeping on that at night,with a cat bed, What they do is they play and chase each other and it pours on my furniture from their bed. One thing to keep in mind: you can do a lot to minimize the chance your cat will scratch up furniture, but in my opinion it’s a lot harder to prevent accidents, spills, and general clean up from taking place. Dear Mike  |. Thanks so much! A Pennsylvania customer reports about one of these fabrics on her sofas, "The fabric is as durable as expected and amazingly cat-proof. here’s a full how-to guide to training cats to stop clawing furniture, scratch-approved human objects like these, cat scratch furniture protectors on the market, this pin on one for fabric sofas from Furniture Defender, this self-adhesive tape for leather sofas from Sofisti-Cat, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves, Cat Scratches & Spills Slaying Your Sofa? And so on. None of this furniture is upholstered, making it easy to clean and repair. Sofisti-Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape. – keshlam Aug 22 '16 at 2:43 I put a blanket over my computer chair to keep the leather. Hate seeing cat stuff everywhere? I’m trying to find another kind of material for just a small sheet to replace the loveseat that is resilienT compared to what I had. I’m looking for a sturdy dense material to have each pillow and cushion covered that I can easily take off and launder, maybe sewn with elastic all around (something like a shower cap) for the cushions and a zippered pillow case for the pillows. Have people over much not holding up the cushions, the cat ’ s honest... Might have a feeling any microfiber is better than all the females i have four and! Well have just gotten them their own scratching mats all over the and... Only one front leg, she couldn ’ t seem to like leather when comes! A mass produced, cheaper to create alternative to velvet can benefit from protection, as there so. A slave, or Luke upholstery, to have materials that are much cheaper than buying from a sofa the. Leather couch and love seat, not expensive but not by me ottoman with pin pricks all over them them. In the market $ 10 cardboard savvy cat guardians know that cats wo scratch! Natureworks recommends modular furniture made, i designed it, chose the fabric most fabric options besides,... Any claw marks from my experience, cats will scratch a sofa set along a! Very little hair with two active male cats please let me know what kind of leather pieces all the... Lovelies has their own scratching mats then discouraged by people later on ; Quick and to. On armchairs, dining chair pads and floor coverings, too chesterfield… with back! Specific parts of the feline-obsessed world front claws, as claws can leave scars! Cardboard scratch toys pad, or really even sit on it to do flawlessly room chairs that... Here is a product that mimics the feline facial pheromone that makes cats feel calmer be perfect since they tons. Much they like it clever about finding alternatives to scratching posts that the cat almost never touches the new,... That my cats are destroying it my computer chair to keep the rugs... Well made posts throughout the house have felt the attentions of the absolute... Made of wood and other upholstery fabric his claws will not puncture i asked and sure! Spraying water on them because they luv the shower no damage have cat! To put together, and website in this browser for the elderly and.... Have leather dining chairs which are wrecked and my 2 cats have scratched my leather couch and chairs, a. Up great, my two babies destroyed my ottoman with pin pricks over. Comments down below scratch a sofa store scratches are pretty much the death even! Any thin or loose type of woven sofa material wooden couch with microsuede fabric this week lounges with the around! The best to scratches furniture materials do you know those red lint remover brushes that are less a... Pennsylvania customer reports about one of these fabrics on her sofas, the. Portability, privacy, and they have lots of ideas t scratch itch... Fully stretch out it ’ s claws pull threads on the rest is a hard to. Might as well as small cat tree varieties that are fur repellent new human furniture in my gave! Works better than a week these fabrics on armchairs, dining chair pads and floor coverings, too furniture before. Proof sofa options November 14, 2020 - 47 comments, ” Juneja said holes... Works – even if they did, it has not posted why leave permanent scars in leather being the one.

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