Make sure … Some biologists differ to cite the origin of the flower to Argentina in South America. Marigold, kind of plant Greece name is Tagetes erecta, is actually a flower that comes from Mexico and Central America. They may be as wide as 5 inches in diameter and range from colors like yellow to orange. function escramble(){ document.write(a+b+c+d+e) The flowers are immensely larger compared to the other varieties and shaped like a globe. The English formed the name using Mary, meaning the Mother Ray, and the word "gold." The soil should be weed free and the seeds should be planted in an area with optimum sun exposure. Every plant has different names in different languages. This flower is often used in festivities honoring Mary. One of the most important aspects about this variety is that they are an excellent bedding plant. They can be grown easily and have the distinct reputation of blossoming all round the summer. Growing African marigolds require abundant supply of fertilizers. It gives you the idea of how the plant looks, where the seed pod will be, what the seed will be like, etc. In the early 1960’s, Senator Dirksen of Illinois made severe attempts to make marigold the national flower. They also grow quickly and can be direct-seeded after the last frost in spring for a summer of bright blooms. var a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i Common Name of Marigold in other languages is an interesting information one should know. Marigolds, or flowers in general, also represent the fragility of life. It develops over time, according to use, look, and lore. the second word in the scientific name “lucida” is an indication of the bright orange colored flowers. Calendula officinalis is in the plant family known as Asteraceae or Compositae. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. They are also used in the preparation of yellow dyes by boiling. Perhaps that is why the symbolic meaning of the Marigold flower is "pain and grief" - alluding to the pain and grief of the Virgin Mary? It has different care requirements of true marigolds, and the flowers are actually edible, appearing of salad dishes for decoration. The French marigold, or Tagetes patula, had a similar journey. Common Name: Inca marigold, Marigold inca ii yellow, Marigold inca ii, Marigold inca ii yellow Some beliefs claim the Marigold flower’s name originates from the time of the Virgin Mary, as these flowers were used as an offering to her and symbolize sacred offerings. It was as though the corn and peppers were selected or bred to match the marigold flower color. They are widely adaptable and extremely low-maintenance. It is believed that marigold water has the power to induce psychic visions of fairies when applied on the eyelids. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). The traveler recalling the festival also noted that maize and peppers were exactly the same shade of orange-yellow as the marigold. You can also know the Marigold Scientific Classification which will help you gain the botanical information about the plant. An account describes the marigold being used as garlands to decorate village gods during the harvest festival. Marigold in Spanish can be different from Marigold in English. They have often been used as a symbolism of love charms and been used in creating beautiful wedding garlands. Calendula (/ k ə ˈ l ɛ n dj uː l ə /) is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae that are often known as marigolds. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. The flowers are even known to do well when planted in containers or window boxes. Mexican marigolds are quite tall, reaching up to 3′. The ‘minuta’ in this plant’s name definitely does not apply to the plant, which is anything but minute! The common name of this plant in Spanish is Caléndula. The specific class of the flower is “Magnoliopsida”. They require sunlight in abundant amount for proper growth. French Marigolds. Marigolds are cheerful, compact annuals with flower shapes that can resemble daisies, coreopsis, and even carnations.Although native to Mexico, you can grow marigold plants virtually anywhere. Still it is beneficial to know the common name of all garden plants. ► Scientific name of marigold which is known as Tagetes, derives its name from the Etruscan God ‘Tages,’ the God of wisdom. Like any other scientific name, marigold’s nomenclature follows the rules of ICBN i.e. However, its flowers are extremely diminutive, lending it its name. Similarly, “patula” is a reference to the yellow petals of the flower, blotched with red and “erecta” indicates the stout branching with yellow to orange head flowers. So that makes for a happy momma (though I’d be happy regardless). A member of the calendula family, the marigold, is also called the herb of the sun, the pot marigold or the French marigold. Growing marigolds is not an arduous task. Marigold flowers belong to the “Asteraceae” family of “Aesterales” order. The scientific name for the Marigold flower is Calendula. Marigolds have either a musky, pungent or no odor depending on the variety being bred. While there are various species of marigold flowers grown around the world, calendula is considered to be the most medicinal. else if (h) d=g+h+i American marigold is another name for African marigold. They take more time for flowering as compared to the other varieties. Its bright flowers are edible—with a tangy, peppery taste—so it is often grown alongside herbs in kitchen gardens. Popular names for this summer flower include the pot marigold, common marigold or Scotch marigold. Marigold, as is commonly known in the English Language, derives its origin from “Mary’s Gold”. They complete their life cycle annually and are the major attraction of any garden. Marigolds are one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. Along with Marigold, scientific classification is also important. Sometimes, African marigolds are also referred to as the American marigolds. Along with the scientific name of Marigold, know the scientific names of other plants too. The genus Tagetes includes African, Mexican and French marigolds. Etymological Meaning of the Marigold Flower The plants commonly known as Marigolds fall into two major categories based on their scientific name. Earlier, it was simply known as “golde”. The scentless ones are known to ward off insects, pests and nematodes. Marigold is a luminous and daring name. Marsh marigold is scientifically known as Caltha palustris. Baileya multiradiata: Baileya is a tender wild marigold which looks brilliant during spring. The natural beauty of marigolds is appealing to the masses and it even has a unique charm to itself. The marigold symbolizes passion and creativity. The common name in English, marigold, is derived from Mary's gold, a name first applied to a similar plant native to Europe, Calendula officinalis. b='info' The common name is widely used everywhere. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). Wrap it up and take it home, Marigold may just be the name you're looking for. Unlike other marigold species, the wild marigold’s leaves are edible rather than the flowers. They are considered idealistic to edge flowerbeds and to use in mass plantings. Common name of Marigold is the name which changes with change in the regions. ► The name marigold comes from Mary’s gold, which was kept after Mother Mary. It is said to be in bloom on the calends of every month, hence its Latin name, and one of the names by which it is known in Italy - fiore d'ogni mese - countenances this derivation. c='\" >' a='. It is named after the flower of the same name. According to the Welsh belief, marigolds are supposed to prevent storms in the morning. Common name of garden plants in different languages is different. f='Email' As the name implies, this is a cross between French and American marigolds. The scientific name of Marigold is the botanical name or formal name. Marigold belongs to the genus Tagetes. Kym writes: Well, here she is…our little flower, Marigold! This plant is actually not a true marigold, but it is commonly called the English marigold or the pot marigold. "Marigold" is derived from "Mary's Gold", and the plant is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christian stories. They do not need cultivation but some precautions should be taken while growing marigolds from seed. One of its defining characteristics is the large flowers that it produces. It is easy to cultivate marigold. They have many different names according to the species’ subtype, even though its botanical name is Tagetes, and they are native to the American continent (1). They are abundantly used in companion planting for many vegetables like tomato, eggplant, chili pepper, tobacco and potato. Originally found in North Africa, the plant … The flowers of this variety are variously colored- red, orange or yellow. Marigold, as is commonly known in the English Language, derives its origin from “Mary’s Gold”. Basic Facts about Marigold Marigolds belong to the Asteraceae family of plants. Hence, scientific name of Marigold is used worldwide. Their seeds crossed the ocean from the Americas with European explorers who were returning home. b+='@' People who like the name Marigold also like: Violet, Magnolia, Penelope, Iris, Matilda, Ruby, Mabel They flower from midsummer to frost and yield large and double flowers. The French marigolds are small bushes that grow up to around 5 to 18 inches in height. Growing marigold flowers is a sign of passion and creativity. The marigold is likewise associated with the sun - … T. patula made its home in France and became a popular flower in the region, earning its common name. Marigold is a yellow-orange color. History says the Romans adopted him as the son or grandson of Jupiter in due course of time. In the first group, you’ll find flowers in the Calendula family, which is a Latin name that means “little clock.” The other marigolds are less common, hailing from the Tagetes family instead. The name Marigold means Yellow Flower and is of English origin. One of the most sought after question is what do marigolds need to grow! The seeds take about two to three weeks for proper germination. Name update! The common name of this plant in Spanish is Caléndula. The marigold was the symbol of the Virgin Mary. e='' It’s native to Egypt and parts of the Mediterranean but is now grown in every continent, usually blooming during the warmer months of the year (from about M… International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. The flowers have religious importance and are used in making beautiful garlands to offer to the deities. Enchanting yet chic, the name is a great blend of character and flair. Marigold The Marigold is said to have derived its name from “Mary’s Gold”, taken from the fact that early Christians placed flowers instead of coins on Mary’s altar as an offering. A total 56 species of marigolds belong to this particular genus. The plants have better survival chances than their African counterparts in the rainy season. The scientific name of Marigold is the botanical name or formal name. Marigold, once found almost exclusively in English novels and aristocratic nurseries, is beginning to be talked about and considered here; it does have a sunny, golden feel. It was not named after the Virgin, its name being a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon merso-meargealla, the Marsh Marigold. Calendula officinalis (aka pot marigolds or English marigolds): A native of southern Europe, this “marigold” is actually not a true marigold, but is an attractive companion plant nonetheless. In some cases, a bicolor pattern of red and orange is also observed. Here are common names of Marigold. Some tribes put marigold flowers beneath their pillows to induce prophetic or psychic dreams. The Common Marigold is familiar to everyone, with its pale-green leaves and golden orange flowers. Marigold is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. If you want to know what a plant is called in Hindi, Greek, Portuguese or Polish, you are at the right place. The marigold most commonly used in Dia de los Muertos celebrations is the Targetes erecta, Mexican marigold or Aztec marigold, otherwise known as cempasuchitl or flower of the dead. else d=b This extremely large plant can grow to heights ranging from 2-6 feet tall. } 25th March marks the Feast of Annunciation, on this day believers offered marigold to Mother Mary. Marigolds grow best in damp to wet soil. The name “Tagetes” is derived from that of Etruscan Tages. Explore Marigold Information in detail along with its common name and scientific name. Not one person has made any association with “that” TV series yet, and I’d say a good 98% of the people who hear her name absolutely LOVE it. Where do Marigolds Grow? When translated, Calendula means small clock and this is a name for the whole family of various flowers.

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