} jQuery('#thumbnail-group a.zoom').attr('href', jQuery(this).attr('zoom')); Barrel porting teams with the TSA recoil pad and our exclusive Inertia Driven® technology to make the Affinity 3 Sporting comfortable to shoot during back-to-back matches. }); 3-dram, 1-1/8 oz. Franchi Affinity 3.5 12 Ga 3.5" 28" Max5/Bronze. Franchi Affinity 3. Franchi Menu Menu. Franchi 41055 Affinity 3 12 Ga 3" 28" - Walnut. The Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun is the ideal coming together of Italian craftsmanship and American passion. //update zoom icon link for mobile 20ga for sale. This shotgun also features a drilled and tapped receiver, an oversize bolt and a removable trigger assembly. jQuery('#silo-holder img.silo').attr('src', jQuery(this).attr('rel')); Chokes: }); These shotguns are innovative, yet preserve the trusted principles of previous models, so if you search for the balance of these features-you have sort of found it. FRANCHI AFFINITY 3 ELITE 20 GA 26" WATERFOWL TIMBER 41235 Manufacturer: Franchi Model: Affinity 3 Elite Series SKU: 41235 Action: Semi-Automatic Caliber: … 3-dram, 1-1/8 oz. Synthetic buttstock and fore-end; Inertia Driven operating system; Vent rib with fiber optic front sight; Push button safety behind trigger; Oversize operation controls; Shim kit for drop and cast; Includes 3 chokes The buttstock offers a 123/8-inch length-of-pull, to which, spacers can be added. Also, don’t forget that with the mobile choke system, you have rapid changing of pattern density and spread in seconds. Even as you first shoulder it, you’ll be surprised by its lean dimensions, functional design and ideal weight and balance. } ... Affinity 3 Companion. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Learn More Find a Dealer. //--> The matte-blue, chrome-lined barrel has a raised vent rib and is ported to reduce recoil and muzzle rise. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Franchi’s Affinity 3 Compact is a short-stock, 24-inch or 26-inch version of the full-size Affinity 3. Search form. About the Franchi Affinity 3 Semi-Auto Walnut 20Ga 26" ~ The Affinity 3 Semi-Auto Shotgun Walnut 20 Ga. 26" ~ has a sleek profile that is precisly balanced and light weight to make the Franchi Affinity Semiautomatic Shotgun a fast-handling extension of the shooter, resulting in instinctive-pointing, more broken clays and more limits of birds. //--> 7/8 oz., 1,200 FPS. This is a very reasonable price, given the tech. return false; Site by Gray Loon. jQuery('#thumbnail-group a.swatch-link').on('click', function() { If the Franchi Affinity was a vehicle this would be one of those rare times when consumers would felt like they had won the battle with the car dealer. var thumbnailLabelText = jQuery.trim(jQuery(this).parent().parent().find('.model-thumbnail-description').html()); Shoulder a Franchi shotgun for reliable performance afield and at the range. Affinity 3 Elite - 20-Gauge - OPTIFADE™ Waterfowl Marsh 12-Gauge - A-Grade Satin Walnut 20-Gauge - A-Grade Satin Walnut Experience the performance, quality, features and value that set our Affinity … A couple years ago, Franchi introduced its redesigned Affinity 3.5 semi-auto. 41260: 28″ ... ©2020 Franchi. jQuery('#current-thumbnail-label .model-thumbnail-description').html(thumbnailLabelText); jQuery('#thumbnail-group a.zoom').attr('href', jQuery(this).attr('zoom')); Barrel porting teams with the TSA recoil pad and our exclusive Inertia Driven® technology to make the Affinity 3 Sporting comfortable to shoot during back … //update zoom icon link for mobile Strong features built on decades of experience and improvements make the Affinity a winner. As a vehicle, the Affinity would look like a great value with its long lasting, highly reliable, low … by Franchi. The Franchi Affinity 3 20 Gauge Semiautomatic Shotgun is engineered with an Inertia Driven® system and a TSA recoil pad. When appropriate, a full-size buttstock can be fitted to the Affinity 3 Compact. Franchi Affinity 3 & Affinity Catalyst — Full Review. Timber Cobalt 28in. jQuery(this).addClass('active'); Chambered for: 2-3/4" and 3" $1,669 Starting Price. Fiber optic red-bar front sight. The Franchi Affinity 3 is a sleek, well-balanced autoloader that operates on the reliable Inertia Driven system like its Benelli brethren. '); The Franchi Affinity 3 goes for $849 to $959 MSRP and you can buy it for even less over the counter. }); The Franchi Affinity 3 Semi-Auto Shotgun features a trigger assembly that can be removed for cleaning by punching out a single pin. Made in USA. An over-sized bolt release and charging handle make for easy operation of the action, even with gloved hands. C, IC, M, IM, F, XFT, Timber, Decoy, Pass. //-->. Receivers are drilled and tapped to facilitate quick and easy mounting of optics and accessories. The enlarged loading port makes loading additional shells quick and easy, a must for glove-wearing weather conditions. A great-looking, clays-smashing semiauto loaded with features typically found on shotguns costing far more. if (jQuery('#silo-holder a').CloudZoom) { Never fired with box and everything from factory. Minimum Recommended Load: [CDATA[//>